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Body Checking: Understanding and Overcoming

Photo by cottonbro on This topic has been weighing heavily on my mind for weeks, but it’s taken a moment to articulate my thoughts and emotions, mostly because the topic really resonates with me so deeply and I only recently discovered it to be so. It is safe to assume we all have mirrors… Continue reading Body Checking: Understanding and Overcoming

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How to Practice Holistic Self-Care

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Who really needs to know more about self-care? I mean to engage in self-care we just need a book, a candle, and a bubble bath, am I right? Wrong. Self-care is about much, much more than bubble baths and scented candles, but definitely not denying that those items don't… Continue reading How to Practice Holistic Self-Care

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The Who and The Why

My name is Jennifer Ball, my friends call me Hennifran, thus how the name HenniWellness was developed. Visit my About Me to learn more! Why on earth am I starting a blog? Simply put, I just enjoy all forms of human connection. The longer winded explanation (you’ll soon find out those are the ones I… Continue reading The Who and The Why