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Grandma’s Recipe Remix – Fried Chicken

In early July I decided to knock the dust off of the recipe boxes I had inherited from my late grandma, a woman who was so near and dear to my heart. I challenged myself to make all (well, most) of her recipes and remix them where I felt they may need it.

Up next, Fried Chicken!

My husband was participating by rating all of my dishes, but decided against it after his first two ratings, I think he was afraid I would stop for him if he rated my cooking poorly…

What could have been improved

  • I do not like fried chicken… something about chicken legs and thighs just makes me sick to my stomach. I am more of a chicken breast kind of girl, so I wish I would have tried this crust for chicken strips.
  • I originally tried them in the air fryer and included crushed pretzels in the crust, but decided not to venture TOO far from grandma’s original recipe… so, improvement would be not to opt for the “healthier” option all the time, COOK IT IN ALL THE OIL AND FAT … it honestly tasted much better.

Changes I made

  • My grandma’s recipe called for sugar, but I decided on honey, which I think was a solid choice, the crust tasted amazing!
  • Instead of butter, I used Avocado oil, mostly because it has such a high smoke point and is better for frying, roasting and baking.

The recipe

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