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The Who and The Why

My name is Jennifer Ball, my friends call me Hennifran, thus how the name HenniWellness was developed. Visit my About Me to learn more!

Why on earth am I starting a blog? Simply put, I just enjoy all forms of human connection. The longer winded explanation (you’ll soon find out those are the ones I prefer) is that I thrive off of being able to talk to old friends and new, about our passions, controversial subjects, and usually the messy stuff, in hopes that we can learn from one another. I try to find any method to form these connections, so it only makes sense to try out blogging as a new means of connection!

My passion is all-around wellness and holistic self-care, I’m talking about all things emotional, intellectual, physical, social, environmental, financial, and spiritual wellness. My professional and educational background is in sociology and psychology, with a sprinkle of communications. My passions are in the kitchen and on the yoga mat. I enjoy cooking, but LOVE baking. I am a big fan of yoga, meditation, and physical exercise, as it has been one of the best ways for me to alleviate any anxiety.

Think wellness is out of reach because it is too expensive to engage in self-care? I would like to make it my mission to prove you wrong here. Levels of socioeconomic status mean something a little different for everyone, but why I am bringing it up, is because living on a low income for much of my life has taught me a lot and I hope to share them with you here; budgeting groceries, limiting food waste, meal planning based on what we already have in the fridge and pantry, making use of things around the house to exercise with, etc.

I want to make this a place for myself and my readers to learn and grow together, and a place to talk about that messy stuff that many of us are thinking, but might be too afraid to say!

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